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Exercise with computer games

In Liopep, you play by moving your body in front of your webcam. You don't need any special equipment. Some games are easier, others more demanding, you choose yourself from a library of movement games. Liopep can be used for micro training during the day and for training at home!

Regular Microtraining

WHO recomends since 2021 to battle lonterm sedentary behaviour with movment at least once every hour. We sit to much and foremost to long periods in our modern life. Liopep is close at hand to help you to a healthier way of working and living.

Fun Workout Works

The workout that works are the ones you get done. By playing games and working out at the same time you create a smart and entertaining strategy for health.

How Liopep works

Liopep uses webcam to track your movments. You control the games with your motion, the more you move the higher score you get. We build casual fun games where you adapt your level of exertion to your training goals.

Keep your brain active

Playing games while you exercise is both relaxing and energizing. Exergames help you let go of other things that are nagging at the back of your mind and you also get mental stimulation.


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